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Philly Cheese Steaks

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Made wit' thinly sliced western steer beef, caramelized onions, served on Amoroso's Italian Rolls. Complimentary Pepper Bar.

Choose Junior or Regular Size.

Also available with Low Fat Chicken or Vegetarian Soy.

Classic Cheese Steak

Thin steak with choice of White American, Provolone or Cheddar Sauce.

Double Steak, Double Cheese Cheese Steak

"Hungry Man". The ultimate in meaty cheesy goodness!! Classic with double the steak & double the cheese.

Choose White American, Provo or Cheddar Sauce.

Double Cheese Philly

Classic with extra cheese. Choice of White American, Provolone or Cheddar Sauce.

Cheese Steak Hoagie (LTM)

Classic topped with Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo

Pizza Steak

Classic with Marinara Sauce & Provolone Cheese

Bell Pepper Cheese Steak

Classic with Grilled Bell Peppers

Mushroom Cheese Steak

Classice with Grilled Mushrooms

Garlic & Mushroom Philly

(Award Winner!) Grilled Garlic & Mushrooms & Provolone

Spicy Cool Philly

Jalapenos, Garlic, Ranch Sauce, Provolone

Spinach & Mushroom Philly

Choose American or Provolone Cheese

Mushroom & Pepper Philly

Classic with grilled Mushrooms & Peppers

Buffalo Philly

Hot Sauce, Ranch, Lettuce, Tomato, Provolone

Fajita Philly

Mexican Seasoning, Bell Peppers, Cheddar Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato, Black Olives

Teriyaki Philly

Bell Peppers, Garlic, Sweet Teriyaki, Provolone

BBQ, Bacon & Cheddar Philly

Thick Cut, Honey Cured Bacon, Sweet BBQ & Cheddar Sauce

Hawaiian Philly

Pineapples, Ham, Garlic, Sweet Teriyaki, Provolone

Supreme Philly

Thick Cut, Honey Cured Bacon, Mushrooms, White American Cheese

Deluxe Pepperoni Pizza Steak

Spicy Pepperoni, Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Marinara Sauce & Provolone

Meat-Zilla Philly

Classic with Bacon, Ham, Pepperoni, all grilled together into one monster Philly!

"The Hat" Philly

Classic cheese steak cooked with pastrami, dressed with yellow mustard, picles, lettuce & tomato. Inspired by the famous So Cal "Hat Burger"